Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Make-up "essentials"

Do I own at least the basics? According to the beauty gurus out there, a woman only really needs about ten essential items in her make-up bag/drawer/stash, to be beautiful. So obviously I've been doing something right. It's just that going over the list, the products on my shelves don't exactly match what I'm reading. 

Looking for advice to  Real Simple who also provide a checklist for dummies, this goes as following: 

1.      Concealer. Obviously used for hiding under-eye circles and cover blemishes. My dilemma here is whether it should be lighter or match the foundation. No idea there.

Currently using: Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Concealer

2. Foundation/tinted moisturizer. OK, this I get. But it should match your skin tone, which is easier said than done. Do I need a foundation for every season of the year? My skin tone right now is kinda yellowish because I've been sitting in the office all the time, but hopefully will go to a light bronze in the next couple of months. Also, can you blend different foundations? Is that even allowed in the sacred make-up world?

Currently using: L'oreal Infallible Foundation in Golden Beige

3.      Blush. To add a »pop of color« to the apples of the cheeks. Right now, I actually Googled what the »apples« are. I also quickly learned where to apply blush on a round face (which I can tell mine is without having to measure it). But I don't understand the concept – why would you want to look a little bit flustered all the time? And again, what is with all of the colors? Most people blush red in real life, right? I would be worried for someone who would blush pink.  Currently using: none. Too scared of looking like this. 

4.      Translucent powder. Again, let me Google that for myself. Obviously, this is a wonderful product to set the make-up and control oil-shine. I think I actually own one of those from ArtDeco, but I never got around to figuring out what it was for. Is this the same thing as a setting spray?

Currently using (well, have in my possession at least): 

Artdeco Dita Von Teese Finishing loose powder

5.      Mascara. This goes without saying. Even I agree with this, so it must be one of those universal truths. 

Currently using 2: Etre Belle Mascara and Max Factor 2000 Calorie

6.      Neutral eye shadow. This would be a neutral beige or taupe color to swipe all over the lid. I  get this. I've been doing this. Moving on. 

7.      Defining eye shadow. To be brushed in the crease of the eye under the brow bone to add depth to the eye. Been doin' it wrong. I thought that this is applied to the corner of the lid to »extend« the eye. Also, been doing it with a finger which we will discuss in a moment. 

Currently using for N.6 and N.7: a palette by Catrice Cosmetics in Absolute Nude.

8.      Eye liner. So I'm guessing that this can be either pencil or liquid eye liner. I have seen people apply this (and I'm not kidding) in 20 seconds on both their eyes and look great. Personally, this product scares me. But surely practice will make perfect. 

Currently using (or trying to use, for lack of a better expression): Bourjois Liner Stylo in black.

9.      Lipstick. Don't need to get into this too much I guess. But we will have to discuss color, eventually.

Currently using: several pigmented lipglosses (all pink) and one Lip Balm by Catrice in Cherry-ty, which is the bottom left one on the pretty swatch pictures.

And now for the tools bit. 

10.   Fluffy powder brush. Big rounded brush to dust on powder. I'm assuming this would then be the translucent powder. I'm thinking that this same brush cannot be used for foundation, since I've heard people raving about something called a stippling brush. Shouldn't that make the list as well?

11.   Blush brush. This I've actually discussed in depth with the counter girl in one of the drugstores I've visited recently. She actually explained everything about the brush (so I now own one), but didn't say a single word about my »apples«. So, maybe not the best advice giver in the world.

12.  Eye shadow brush. I've never, ever used this until quite recently. I now own three and I'm thinking I must get more of them. Also, I need to clean them, but that again is a whole new chapter to be explored, so I haven't gotten around to that yet. Before I bought these basic brushes for myself, I actually used my fingers 99 % of the time and in that other 1 % (really special occasions, obviously) I used the applicators that come with the eye shadows.

13.   Crease brush. Nope. Still don't know what the difference to N.12 is.

14.   Eye liner brush. This I bought a couple of days ago but used it to correct my pathetic eyeliner attempts. Seemed to work quite well so I'm now thinking that my eyeliner can't be all that.

15.   Tweezers. Have owned a couple in my life. Invested a large sum of money into really good ones couple of years back and I am happy with them.

So looking over this list, the immediate plan of action would be to a) clean out the brushes I currently
own (and blog about the experience, of course) and then go hunt down some really good brushes that
won't leave me looking like a furry woodland animal every morning. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me. Stay beautiful, stay awesome. 

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