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Slovenian online make-up shopping - Mojadrogerija.si

After returning from our trip to the States, I realized that while my make-up “collection” was looking quite good, I was still missing some things I haven’t been able (or I forgot) to pick up when abroad. So after visiting two drugstores (Muller and DM) and coming home practically empty-handed (except I found Neutrogena in Muller which I am super excited to try and report back to you), I decided to look into the offer of our online stores. 

As far as online make-up (cosmetics) stores go, we have quite many of them, but for this particular venture, I decided on two of them. First of all I liked what they had to offer and secondly because they both offered next-day shipping. Since it was Friday, I was intrigued to see if they would be true to their word and my packages would get delivered the next day. To make things fair, I actually filled the baskets and sent out the order 10 minutes apart, around 15:00 on Friday. Without further ado, the results for the first store (I am totally doing them in random order) were as following.

Click to visit the store - Moja drogerija

This store was quite a find for me. They offer some of the brands you cannot get in Slovenian drugstores (Barry M, Milani, Real Techniques, NYX, Zoeva etc.) so I was really excited. Also, the page is nicely done, searching for the products is super easy and the photo quality is great. Still, I decided to keep my head on straight and not order everything my heart desired. In the end, I ordered the following: 

-          NYX Butter Lip Gloss (06 Peach Cobbler)
-          NYX Powder Blush (25 Pinched)
-          NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder  (06 Blonde)
-          NYX Born to glow liquid illuminator (Sunbeam)
-          NYX Round lipstick (619 Flower)
-          NYX Round lipstick (616 Watermelon)

Can you see a general theme happening there?

When I signed up for the store and their newsletter, they also sent me a promo code for 10 % discount which I was happy to use. The total with the discount came up to 39,60 €, which is about $52. Just to make things clear, I went to the Ulta web page and compared the prices for you – you can find the comparisons for each price in €/$ in Slovenia/$ in Ulta (rounded up to .10) below photos in the description box. You will be able to see from those prices that anyone who has the possibility to buy make-up in the USA, should totally go for it – I would have paid about $32 in Ulta for these products (and would have gotten more product as well in some cases). But oh well, this is Slovenia and the reality we have to deal with.

The package arrived the next day with my postman as promised. We had one slight glitch with one of the products regarding the size but more about that below. The products were all neatly protected to avoid any problems with shipping (also the ones that don’t really need protection, like the Butter Lip Gloss), they included a nice car sticker, a note with a lovely thought on it and also some promo materials for further discounts. I have actually gotten a pretty good impression on all of the products so I can share my thoughts with you. 

I have heard Youtubers and Slovenian bloggers alike rave about the NYX Butter Lip Gloss. Supposedly it’s super pigmented (which it totally is) and not sticky at all (which it absolutely is NOT). I do like the doe shaped wand which makes the product easy to apply. The color is nice, very neutral so it could be worn in all seasons. I wouldn’t wear this in windy conditions with my hair down, though. 

 NYX Butter Lip Gloss (06 Peach Cobbler) – 6,90 €/$9,10/$5 in Ulta

I bought this NYX blush in the States before and have actually almost used it up, but then on my last visit I couldn't find this particular color which is a nice soft pink, also appropriate throughout the year. So I wasn't buying a cat in a bag and I knew to expect.

 NYX Powder Blush (25 Pinched) – 7,80 €/$10,30/$6 in Ulta

However, when the product arrived, it was much smaller than the ones that are sold in American drugstores and also smaller than the size stated on the Mojadrogerija.si. But we quickly sorted that out with the owner, Anja, via e-mail. She was super friendly (also offered to refund me for the product) and also asked my opinion on some other products which I know but are not yet available through their website. So all in all, a great customer service which is super important for me. I kept the blush, of course, it's a great one and still big enough to last me a long time.
This NYX Eyebrow cake powder, my beauties, is magic. The packaging is nice and it comes with two colors, one ashen and one slightly darker one, wax, spoolie and a small angled brush. For my light brown eyebrows, I use the lighter color above my brow-bone to fill in the gaps and the darker color in the beginning of the eyebrow. The wax is great, but I can already tell that will run out of wax much sooner than I run out of the colors, so that will eventually become a problem.  Also, I wasn't too sure about the small brush, but it's the perfect size for my eyebrows so it's great.

  NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder  (06 Blonde) – 7,80 €/$10,30/$6 in Ulta

Still not sure what the spoolie is supposed to be there for? Any advice on that one?

There were some things that I bought in the States but were not mentioned in the haul because they a) were such crappy quality that I instantly donated them/threw them away or b) did not survive the trip. I am sorry to say that the latter is true for one of the most expensive things I bought overall – the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder ($45 in Sephora) in Ethereal light. Obviously, the compact got smashed somehwere amidst all the luggage and the powder was completely broken. I tried to fix it with the alcohol trick, but to no avail, so I eventually threw the whole thing away. As a consequence, I was again in need of an illuminator and chose this NYX Born to glow liquid illuminator.

NYX Born to glow liquid illuminator (Sunbeam) – 10,30€/$13,60/$7,50 in Ulta

It's a nice pink color and does magic on the face – it really brings some illumination to it but at the same time doesn't look to fake. I would only wear this in the summer though – I think it would be a bit much for winter. 
These NYX round lipsticks are of a nice consistency, but the pigmentation is very light and I totally chose the wrong colors – they are way too bright for my face so I end up looking like a badly done Barbie doll.


NYX Round lipstick (616 Watermelon - left, 619 Flower - right) – 4,20€/$5,50/$4 in Ulta

I will probably be giving these two colors away to one of my friends. And I think there are better products out there for the approximately same amount of money.

Swatches - Flower top, watermelon bottom

Overall, it was a nice experience and I will definitely be shopping with Mojadrogerija.si again. It was pretty much everything what I expected, so thumbs up for them! What are your experience with their products? Which ones do you like the best and would recommend to your poor low maintenance beauty?

In the end, I owe you an explanation about why I'm not blogging under my full name. The reason is quite simple - I work in an industry which deals with various clients and some of these can also be from the beauty, cosmetics etc. departments. So although I was never officially told not to connect my name to any of the brands, I will follow the basic hygienic standard. Still, my opinions are all true and mine only. #endofdisclaimer

I will try to get around to my July favorites later today and do the review on the second online store tomorrow. Until next time, stay beautiful!

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