Monday, November 30, 2015

Final Blogvember post: 5 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Dear beauties, 

first, I want to thank each and every one of you who followed my (quite unfortunate) attempt at Blogvember. I really did try to make it work, but unfortunately, life got a better of me. But nevertheless, let's end this on a high note: with five days of presents!

Starting tomorrow, I will be giving out five gift packages for the entire week!

These gift sets includes some of my favorite brands, such as Essence, Afrodita, Avon, Sleek, Konad, Nanshy, Glade and many others. 

The rules are very simple and inspired by lovely and wonderfully sweet Tara from the blog The Beauty of Nail Polish who is also doing a beautiful giveaway throughout the month of December, so don't forget to check out her blog for more info!

1. Every day, I will post a photo of the gift for the day on my Facebook (Low Maintenance Beauty Blog) and on my Instagram profile (@low_maintenance_beauty)
2. This giveaway is open to my subscribers only, so make sure you are subscribed to me on both of the channels mentioned (Facebook and Instagram)
3. Every day, I will ask you a question - all you need to do is answer it and I will pick the most original answer that will receive the gift of the day. 
4. You can only answer in the 24 hours until the next gift is posted! After that, your answers will no longer be taken into account. 
5. Each person can only win once. I think that's fair enough.
6. I will be very happy if you share the giveaway with your friends or tag them in the post, so they have a chance of winning as well (but this is not a condition).
7. If you win, don't forget to send me an e-mail to lowmaintenancebeautyblog[at], so I can send you the gift
7. All the gifts will be shipped out on Wednesday, 9th of December 2015.
8. All the giveaways are only open to my EU subscribers and subscribers from other countries in Europe.

 Do you want to see your name written on the tag? Don't forget to participate and good luck!

Until next time, stay beautiful!


  1. Wau, letos ste pa res vse velikodušne! Hvala! :) drugače pa se ne sekiraj za blogvember, meni je bil fejst všeč :) je pa razumljivo da je težko postat vsak dan, jaz nimam časa vsak dan brat bloge, kaj šele da bi pisala :)

    1. Julija hvala za prijazne besede :) Upam pa, da mi naslednjič vseeno uspe! Lep december!

  2. I have been a long time follower but don't have an instagram (or twitter)account. Does that mean i can't enter or can i do something else instead?

    1. Ufff, I don't feel the need to complicate things - if you follow me on Facebook, that would be enough :) Just make sure to give a good answer! Good luck!

    2. Thankyou:) sledim pod imenom eva letnar in sodelujem . (Nwm zakaj pisem v ang, verjetno avtomatsko ko preberem ang post xd)