Friday, February 27, 2015

Revlon Parfumerie nail enamel - Lime Basil review

Hello beauties. I hope you are enjoying the first proper days of sunshine and warmth - I actually had my first coffee outside in 2015 yesterday and I loved every minute of it. 

Anyway, I though I would do a review of a polish I found while browsing in Müller (about 7€) the other day - the Revlon Parfumerie nail enamel in the color Lime Basil. 

I was once told that a person should learn a new fact every day. So my fact of today is the difference between nail lacquer and nail enamel. Nail lacquer supposedly dries from the inside and leaves a dull finish, while the nail enamel dries from the outside and then hardens. Also, the latter is supposed to last longer on the nails.

Anyway, back to the actual polish. I didn't own a shade like this before and I was really attracted by it, but the bottle itself, the name and the promise of a perfume combined with nails was the real selling point for me. 

Now the thing is, when seeing the name, I thought that the nail polish will smell really nice on its own. Nope. It is supposed to develop the fragrance when you put it on your nails! It would be nice if that was written somewhere on the bottle. I really didn't smell anything, though.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Hello my beauties. I’ve been waiting so long to do this post. It was supposed to happen with my January box, but it got lost in the mail (I had no problems getting the refund), so finally, the February box arrived. What am I talking about? My #LFBEAUTYBOX (Look Fantastic Beauty Box), of course :)

So, as the name implies, I got the box from the Look Fantastic website. I actually received it as a part of a (still ongoing) promo – free box when you spend £55 or more. Normally, the box costs £15 (about 20€). There are a minimum of six products per box and it’s usually worth about £50. The March 2015 box looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome – they’re promising a £71,48 value and adding 30 GHD stylers to them. I’m ordering mine today.

Anyway, I got the box at work today and I couldn’t wait to get home and open it. 

It’s a nice box, very sturdy and very, very well closed up. I wouldn’t worry about anything spilling or cracking in there. It’s also kind of nifty and could be used for storage.

Upon opening, you are first faced with the product book, featuring a pretty and very photoshopped lady. 

And this is what you get inside. There are a ton of these paper noodles, but I actually do like that because it adds another layer of protection. It’s good to go through the box with the booklet, though, so you don’t throw anything away :)

I must say that the booklet itself is really quite informative. The only thing I’m missing is the values of the products (or deluxe samples, most of them), which is why I’ll try to do the estimates myself.  Each page features one of the products and talks a little about the brand as well. I’m also loving that there’s a “how to” section included where needed. Edit: the Moroccanoil had the value underneath.

Anyway, let’s talk about the products, shall we? Left below we have the Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar. It’s a 97 % natural exfoliating black soap made from Dead Sea mud.  It’s also supposed to stimulate and cleanse the face. I’ll report back on the actual results. Anyway, this tiny sample weighs 0,6 oz and the full size product (50 oz, which is a ridiculous amount of beauty soap) costs a whopping 61,65 €. Hence, this sample is worth about  1 € (mind you, I’m not taking the packaging into account). 

The next product is the deluxe sample of Monu Illuminating primer with paraben free formulation and SPF15. I love it when the primer has SPF and I don’t have to worry about it anymore throughout the day. I’m not really sure about this primer, though...

The consistency is very thick and when I applied it on my face it almost felt like it was pulling my skin together. I will have to check it out some more, since I’m always on the hunt for a good primer. Anyway, this sample contains 20 ml and the full size is actually 50 ml for 38,01 €. The sample is consequently worth about 15 €. 

The Dr. PawPaw Multipurpose Soothing Balm looks like something you’d pick up in a drugstore at the counter for a euro. But this baby is all natural and can be used for lips, skin, hair, cuticles... basically anything that you feel is dry, probably. It has a really thick consistency, but no flavor and no smell – it’s almost like Vaseline, to be honest. It did make my lips fell incredibly soft and stayed on for a couple of hours, though. This particular yellow one has no tint, but there are also two with peach and red tint. The balm is sold on the Lookfantastic website for 9,52 €. This is a full size product.

Next, we have the full size Bellapierre cosmetics eyeliner in Midnight blue. Bellapierre is a mineral make-up company which I’m really excited about since I’ve only had a handful of mineral make-up products ever before. This full-size pencil costs 8,20 € on the website. 

I must say, that I’m not too impressed with the initial swatch  - the tiny black dots you are seeing is the pencil actually crumpling and flaking. So I’m yet to be convinced by it (first thing tomorrow morning, of course). 

I’m not going to go too much into the Korres Citrus body milk. I love the smell (really, it smells like luxury, there is no other way to describe it). I’m excited to try a Korres product since I’ve never had one before. This is a deluxe sample with 50ml of product, while the regular 200ml product costs 13,70 €. Meaning the sample is worth about 3,5 €. 

Last, but (for me, at least) definitely not least is the Moroccanoil Treatment. I’ve been eyeing this for months now but couldn’t bring myself to dole out that kind of money for yet another oil that would disappoint me. I’ve whipped this baby out of the box and used it immediately washing my hair today. And let me tell you – it is softer than a baby’s bottom and it smells amaHzing. Really, it does. This sample is worth 18,4 €. 

So, to recap. If I would have only gotten the Moroccanoil, the Dr. PawPaw balm and the Korres body milk, I would have been happy with the box. The primer, pencil and the black soap are just extras in my eyes. Not counting the packaging, we have an approximate value of 55,6 €. So more than double what I paid for it, plus I get to try the brands I’d probably not reach for otherwise simply because I couldn’t justify getting a 30+ € product without properly trying it first. 

Would I recommend this as a regular subcription? Damn right I would.  Stay tuned, since more of these are to follow. I’m thinking of subscribing to a 6 – month plan, which costs £75 meaning I basically save £15. 

Are you subscribed to any other beauty boxes you love? Let me know below!

Until next time, stay beautiful, stay awesome.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

First Empties of 2015!

This post is way overdue, especially due to the fact that my spare closet was starting too look like some hoarder's wet dream. A bunch of empties and no time to share my thoughts on them with you, my beauties. But this changes - right now!

Let's start with some haircare.

I used up the Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair for dry and damaged hair - and for once, the shampoo and the conditioner both lasted the exact same amount of washes. I don't know why,  but usually I use up the conditioner way faster. Anyway, this came recommended by a friend and I loved the product. It really did make a difference in my hair, leaving it a bit shinier and I've also noticed less frizz and fewer flyaways. I also use the deep conditioning mask, but I've got a couple more uses in that one. 

As for this Essence Road Trip dry shampoo, I just don't know. It was a random purchase and I used it just as randomly. It didn't really convince me in making my hair any less greasy, so I mainly used it if my hair was clean but had a smell (e.g. if I was baking/cooking something with a heavy smell). So I wouldn't repurchase this. 

I have rambled about the Axe Anarchy deodorant so much in my empties, I'm not going to repeat myself. I was however slightly surprised by the Nivea Angel Star Invisible deodorant. I think they changed the formula on that one - when I used it in the past it really did the job, but for some reason this one just did not perform. It's not really empty, but I am throwing it away since it's useless. 

Alas, I also used up an entire bottle of Chloe by Chloe perfume in about 6 months. I purchased a double size of this a couple of months back so I hope it lasts me at least until 2016. I love this smell, but I would not recommend a certain perfume to anyone, since it's completely a personal preference. I will say, however, that it lasts beautifully on my skin - I get compliments on it even after 12 hours. 

For nails, I again used up an entire bottle of Afrodita Chamomile Sensitive polish remover - it's my go to remover whenever other products I'm trying out fail me. This Aveo (a Muller brand) was again just OK - it did the job on the nails, but I had to use up a lot if it every time around. I think the bottle lasted me only about 5-6 manicures. The Alessandro nail polish is not empty, but it dried up on me and it's impossible to use it anymore, so I'm throwing it away. 

For skincare, I did a bit of experimentation with the Yes To cleaning wipes, trying out the Blueberry (age refresh) and the Cucumber (soothing) ones for the first time. We all know I'm a fan of the Grapefruit (correct and repair) ones and I must say that both other versions were just as good. I will however stick to the Grapefruit ones because of the lovely refreshing smell. I would only recommend the Cucumber tissues if you don't mind a strong cucumber smell - it was a bit disturbing for me at times. I get these on Asos for about 5-6 €, they often have promotions where you can get them even cheaper. I'm thinking of investing in a cleansing gel from this same brand, since I'm obviously a fan.

I used up two cleansers in the past months. The Decleor Eye Make-up remover with essential oils is one of my absolute favorite products of all time. It can remove almost any mascara under the face of the planet and although it's quite expensive, I think it's worth the money. The other empty from this category is the Nivea Pure&Natural cleansing milk. It doesn't have quite the power of Decleor, but for the price, I still find it a good product. Plus, I'm a sucker for the classic Nivea smell in the face products - it just makes me feel clean, if you know what I mean. 

I also got the final spritz out of the Urban Decay De-slick setting spray. It is amazing, that's all I can say about it. I've talked about it quite a lot before and considering my most recent haul, you'll be seeing this baby in my favorites quite a lot, probably. 

Last up is a mini sample of Paula's choice. I don't know why I included it here, since I'm going to do a Sample Empties soon. So, you know, just ignore it. 

I've replaced my Real Techniques old nasty blending sponge with a brand new one (which i already mentioned in the most recent haul). I also went through another of the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant pore erasers which I've talked and talked about before. I just have one left and then I'm going to have to live without them until the next USA trip. 

In the foundations, I've gone through two of them. First one is the L'Oreal Mat' Magique which I'm so happy I've finally gotten rid of. It featured in my Worst products of 2015 and I never, ever want to see it again in my bathrom. Read about it here

On the other hand, I've used up two lovely products I will miss very much. First is the Rimmel Match Perfection (201 - Classic Beige) foundation which was my favorite foundation of the past year. I'm definitely going to repurchase this at the first opportunity (meaning, the first Rimmel sale on Look Fantastic or Feelunique). It's an absolutely gorgeous foundation with just the right amount of coverage which does cover enough but doesn't leave my face feeling heavy. I can give similar praise to the Essence Stay All Day 16h Concealer. I've used this underneath my eyes for my ever-dark dark circles. It covered up the darkness beautifully and what I really loved about it is that it sank into the skin and didn't just sit on top, creasing and looking out of place. Will repurchase if I can find it. 

Last up, my beloved mascaras. If I knew how wonderful each and every one of these three mascaras is, I would have never opened them at the same time. I've talked about them before here - I think it's a good post with a decent comparison. Anyway, it's in the trash with these three and on with the hunt with a mascara that comes even close to these three. 

Anyway, that's it for the first empties of this year. I hope you pick up some good tips and learn from my successes and mistakes alike. Until next time, stay beautiful, stay awesome!

Friday, February 13, 2015

A very OLD Make-up Haul & Mini Reviews

So the thing is, my clients obviously ganged up and tried to see how much I can take before I crack under pressure. I'm still alive, though, so they've been doing a poor job so far. But the thing is that I spent every free second of my days sleeping and recovering and wasn't really up to blogging. It also explains why this post was originally supposed to be just a haul, but now it's going to be a haul with reviews, which is just as well or even better I guess. 

Because, let me be tell you one thing. I can be dead tired, but my make-up will be great nevertheless. Just so we're clear on that front. 

Anyway, this is what I picked up since end of December until the middle of January. 

As you can see, we've got a little bit of everything. Let's start with face and eyes, shall we? I picked up two Real Techniques sponges - one for me and one for my friend (and one of the very few people in my life who know about this blog). I've had the last sponge for about 6 months and it was really time to get rid of it. This costs about 8 € on, but they always have special deals you can take advantage of. 

Next, I really, really needed a new foundation. This L'Oreal Infallible was on sale in DM for about 9 €, so I picked it up since I remembered using a similar one from L'Oreal before and being satisfied with it. But, alas, I completely missed the mark on the shade - I got True Beige when I should have gotten Natural beige, a couple of shades darker. So now I basically look half dead before I apply my setting powder. It's an OK foundation, nothing special. What I really want to know, though, is about the primer from the same line - have any of you beauties tried it yet? What do you think about it?

Last thing in this package is the NYX Powder Blush in Taupe. Now I've been obsessing over my bronzers for the past few months ever since I hit pan on my beloved Tarte blush (which I'm now saving for special occasions - is this something you do as well with your beloved products?). I learned that this is supposedly a perfect contour color, since it's not too dark and not too brown and has grey undertones. As I understand, the bronzer used for contour is not supposed to be brown but rather grey-ish, since that's the color that the shade on your face produces. 

Now it's a nice color, but I'm slightly bothered at how unpigmented this thing is. I have to swirl my brush in the pan about 10 times before I can get enough product for one side of my face - and no, I don't contour that heavily. It seems like the whole pan has a thin layer of something over the top which prevents the brush to really get into the product. Perhaps it will wear out in time. 

Continuing with the other swatch in the photo above, it's from my first ELF Smudge pot in the shade Gotta Glow. I got this to wear around New Year as a base for other colors and I must say it works like a dream. I doubled this with some shades from my I heart makeup palette and it created an absolutely beautiful look that stayed in place all night long. It literally costs pennies, so I would recommend this highly.

I had to open some new mascaras since the old ones dried on me. Disclaimer: the word "had" is really not appropriate for this sentence. I actually COULD NOT WAIT to open some new mascaras. 

Above is my very first Essence mascara - Get big! lashes Triple Black mascara. This mascara felt kind of funny going on, since it was quite dry despite being brand new. But I've learned the trick - I let it sit for about a week and it became considerably more wet after that. I cannot phantom why this happens but I don't care. I must say I'm quite impressed, especially for the price. It gives a lot of length and a lot of definition to my lashes. The only thing is that it really does not hold the curl very well, so I usually have to touch up during the day. 

The other mascara I opened was the Clarins Wonder Waterproof Mascara. I tried it only once and then ran out of my good make-up remover, so I dare not put in on my lashes until I purchase a new one. I'll probably do a separate review for this one.

Nails... ah, this will require a story of its own, I believe. Let's just say that I had clip-on nails in this picture below. But the color starring on them is the Essie in Double Breasted jacket, which for some reason seems a wildly inappropriate name for this color. But I absolutely love it, it's the perfect color to brighten up the gloomy winter days.

And then lipsticks, or better said, one lipsticks and  three beautiful, fantastic lipglosses. 

I added another NYX Round Lipgloss to my collection, this time in Frozen Frosted Plum. I absolutely love the darker red or plum colors for winter and this one has a slight shimmer to it which makes it even more special. On lips, it's similar to Alverde Lipgloss Maximize Effect in Forest berry, but as said, the Alverde doesn't have the gold sparkles and is a bit less intense as well. I'll put it like this - I would dare to put the Alverde on without mirror, but I can't say the same for NYX gloss. 

I also picked up the Becca Glossy Lip Tint in shade Frisco a while back from eBay. I love this as a substitute for a regular lip balm as it gives me just a minimal amount of shimmer to look like I've made an effort. 

Last up was an attempted bravery on my part - I bought a Sleek lipstick in Raisin Razzle. Now... I got the package at work and put it on in my car while I was driving home. My hubby never, never notices anything about my make-up (except the sheer quantity of products in the bathroom), but he laughed so hard at me when I walked through the front door that I was just... OK, let's just say that I think I'm going to keep it for Haloween only. I know the swatch below doesn't do it justice but it's way too dark for my skin tone and I just look like a girl playing with her mom's make-up. 

Now, I think that I'll be able to actually get two more posts up this weekend - one of them my new empties since I've got nowhere else to put the empty packages and bottles. Keep your eyes open. 

Until next time, stay beautful, stay awesome!