Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What I got for Christmas 2015

Dear beauties, 

I know that quite a few of you enjoyed my post about birthday presents and since my b-day and Christmas day are separated by exactly six months, I though that a Christmas edition would be fun as well. 

I will say in advance that I'm not trying to brag or show off in any way. If you don't like or are offended by such posts, please click out now - I have many other interesting posts that you can go and read something you'll enjoy. 

I am not showing you all of my presents, since some were really personal, untangible (which I will explain in a moment) and some were really unpersonal (like gift cards and money), but here's what I got from my friends, family and my hubby.

My big present this year was a new iPad case since I really needed a new one as mine was falling apart at the seams. 

I got spoiled big time with a new leather Cartier case in a nice fuchsia color. It's exactly what I would have chosen for myself, absolutely perfect and I hope it will last me at least as long as the last one. 

The presents in the photo really tickled my soul since all of them are something I would have chosen for myself as well. I got some L'Occitane relaxing bath salts, two Yankee candles and the Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette. I've actually gotten this in November as an early B-day present so I'm just about ready to do a proper review on it. 

Can't forget my wonderful fuzzy socks! I've worn them almost every day since I got them and missed them a lot when they were in the wash. They are absolutely wonderful and keep my feet nice and toasty. In the photo, I also included two super cute glass ornaments I received from a friend. 

I actually asked for these gadgets since I hope they will make my everyday life a little bit easier. I needed a new charging cable since mine looked like it's been attacked by mice and a new converter from the classic charger to the Apple charger. I also received a small reading light so I won't be bothering my hubby too much in the night with all the lights on in the bedroom. 

Both of these books are something I would have chosen for myself and I actually had my eye on the Savina Atai planner for quite some time now. Since I am a big believer in homeopatic medicine, I also got a little book of homeopatic stories :)

This table Casino was a gag present from a couple of friends. We were planning another trip to Las Vegas in the summer of 2016 and they thought that it could be good practice. Now I will say that it will surely come in handy as we'll have to skip Las Vegas this year because...

... of this. It's is the biggest Christmas present me and my hubby have gotten this year - in April 2016, we're going to be parents! This also means that most of our presents from our families this year were baby related in one way or another - we're talking strollers, car seats, baby monitors ~ you name it, I've got a voucher for it :) 

Anyway, this is everything I got this Christmas. I am looking forward to 2016 since it will bring one of the biggest changes possible to my life and I cannot wait!

Until next time, stay beautiful!