Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Blogvember #14: Le Couvent Des Minimes

Yes, yes, I know I'm getting boring by saying this, but Le Couvent Des Minimes is another brand that I met for the first time at the Beautiful Bloggers Meetup in October. Their display at the event was definitely one of the most beautiful ones and the hostess was very lovely and helpful which alone gave me a good first impression of the brand. 

In the goody bag, I received the Eau Amiable - Botanical Cologne of Love.  

I've had this 100 ml bottle for about 6 weeks now and a third of it is gone. I use this on a daily basis, several times a day and not only are people complimenting the fragrance, but also asking me where they can buy it and from what I hear, Muller had all kind of great offers (250ml bottle for the price of 100ml bottle, extra gifts with purchase etc.) so apparently I'm to blame for all the sneaky purchases my friends and their family members have been making in the past weeks. 

The fragrance of the Eau Amiable is inspired by orange tree blossoms, apparently known as the traditional scent of love. The blossoms are combined with 5 different plants (Bergamot, Mandarin, Wild Rose, Nasturtium and Petitgrain) selected for their beneficial properties to perfume the skin with a soft fragrance. 

The scent of the cologne is soft and fresh, not too strong but at the same time strong enough to linger for hours after use. I usually spray it on my clothes, not my skin to make sure it lasts even longer. The spray pump is quite normal for colognes and doesn't spray too much product, so I would say that a couple of spritzes at an arm's length should do the job. 

The entire Le Couvent Des Minimes line is sold at Muller and this particular cologne sells for about 20 euro, which is not inexpensive, but in my opinion definitely worth it. This cologne will definitely be a repurchase for me.

Until next time, stay beautiful.

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