Thursday, July 2, 2015

Couleur Caramel Dark Circle Concealer Review + Swatches

As I already mentioned in my B-day haul, I got some gift cards from friends and family and naturally, I went into Müller the next day to spend it allll. But what I didn’t know is that faith actually had another mini gift in store for me. 

Anyway, I was wondering around (I was on vacation so I had much more time than I normally do) and came across the counter of the Couleur Caramel Cosmetics. I’ve never spotted them before so I was super excited to try something new. As I was literally doing swatches of every single thing on the shelves that caught my eye, a very pretty lady approached me and asked if I needed any assistance. And Oh. My. Gosh – it was Maja Šušnjara!!! Now I know that this doesn’t mean much to my international readers, but I’m sure that my fellow Slovenian beauties and bloggers can understand my excitement. I spent a good 15 minutes chatting with her and picking her brains for ideas and knowledge. She was so sweet and so lovely and completely made my day!

Anyway, the whole line is absolutely beautiful. I’m obviously not being paid for this or anything, but even the catalogue is stunning and really informative, with some lovely ideas for make-up looks. Here’s a random page that really makes me want to go back and buy more things, especially the blushes (so incredibly soft and pigmented, oh my). 

What I ended up choosing is a Dark Circle Concealer. The entire range of Couleur Caramel is completely natural (100 % of ingredients are natural and 20 % of those are even from organic farming) so the packaging really matches the theme – all cardboard, but beautiful nevertheless.

The product itself is really quite darker than it seems in the pot, so make sure you swatch everything before purchase. It really smells a bit like caramel. 

The concealer itself is softer than you could believe. Because of this, it does not crease at all when applied – I used it a couple of times and never even set it with a translucent powder, but it stayed in place and didn’t crease for the entire day. It slightly reminds me of the Pixi Concealer, but the latter is a bit cakeier and as said before, the Couleur Caramel concealer is as soft as touching silk. 

I am in love and completely happy to have found a natural line of make-up which suits me, so I’m sure that I should try more products. Do you have any recommendations for me? 

Until next time, stay beautiful!

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