Monday, July 25, 2016

MONDAY MADNESS: Empty that can!

I haven't emptied my trash can in a long while - too long, I might add, so I was presented with a pile of used products that you now get to view for your own pleasure :) I'll try to write short reviews, but you know how it is with me - short posts are definitely not my forte. 

Starting off with hair products, I am done with the Aussie Repair Miracle shampoo and conditioner for damage control. I found these two OK, but after using them for a long time I noticed they did make my hair a little bit heavier and they got greasier a bit quicker. I will not repurchase

I also finished up the Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner for dry and damaged hair. I love the smell of the Fructis products and the thickness of the conditioners which really sit on my hair and don't leak all over the place. These two made my hair nice and soft. I will repurchase in the Fructis line in general. 

Sadly, I'm also done with my Batiste Dry shampoo (clean&classic original). You can read my detailed thoughts about it *here*. I will definitely repurchase.

I've also been burning up deodorants like crazy. Both of  the Garnier antiperspirants were a huge miss. I like the idea behind the new version of Garnier Neo since the new spray format really distributes the product nicely. But it left white patches on my skin and I think that about half the bottle evaporated into nothing - I wasn't using it at all and then, all of a sudden, the bottle was empty. Definitely not a repurchase which also goes for the Garnier Mineral InvisiCalm Post-Depilation antiperspirant. My skin literally hurt after I applied this. I honestly don't know why I bother with antiperspirants at all since they obviously mess up my body chemistry. 

My life saver in the beginning of the summer was the Bionsen deodorant. It's intended for sensitive skin and without aluminum and parabens. It works like a charm, but unfortunately I would like the scent to be a bit more prominent for a summer deodorant. Will repurchase as a back-up. 

Also gone are two great shower gels by Afrodita - one with Shea butter and one with Coconut milk. The shea butter shower gel left my skin so soft I didn't even have to moisturize after showering, and I absolutely love everything to do with coconut so I adored the cream shower gel with coconut milk. Will repurchase both of these (as soon as I burn through about 20 other shower gels waiting to be tried out).  

I am finished with my first (and last) pack of Nivea Creme Care Facial Cleansing wipes. These removed my make-up very quite well, but I do not like the smell (it's the typical Nivea smell which I like in other Nivea products, but not on my face), but more importantly, they burned my eyes. I also quickly used up a sample size of Lancome Bi-Facil cleanser for sensitive eyes. It's a dual system that needs to be shaken before use (much like the L'Oreal cleansers) and I absolutely loved it since it removed my eye make-up in a second. I will however not repurchase solely because of the steep price and the fact that there are other less expensive good cleansers out there. 

Sadly, I'm also on the last leg of my Melvita Pulpe de Rose - plumping radiance cream. Now that the photos are done, I will probably cut the packaging and try to scrape out every single drop of it. I will definitely repurchase this cream since it saved my skin during pregnancy - read more about that *here*

Last but not least, I'm parting way with some make-up. I used up the Catrice All matt foundation (Nude Beige). I must say that this is a great drugstore foundation that I recommended to many of my friends with oily or mixed skin. It lasted all day on my face and had really good coverage. I will probably repurchase for winter time. 

Another winner in my book was the Yves Rocher Replumping Serum Foundation (Rose 300). This is a very lightweight foundation, more like a tinted serum, which makes it perfect for days when you want to look good but not pile an excessive amount of make-up on your face. I wore this around the clock for the past two months whenever I left the house to run errands or go for a walk with baby M and my skin looked great and I really felt it could still breathe normally. I will repurchase this in at least two shades for summer and winter time. 

I am sad to see these two mascaras go - the Giordani Gold Incredible Length Mascara and Lancome Volume-a-Porter . They were quite similar even though the price is not - both giving great length and volume, both very intensely black. I would repurchase both of these, so if you are on the market for a good mascara, I would encourage you to try at least one of these. 

And that's it for my trash can. Until next time, stay beautiful!

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