Friday, August 12, 2016

FRIDAY SUPERSTAR: Nabla Shade&Glow Contour Bronzer

I always get super excited when new brands enter our little market and when I first heard of Nabla cosmetics being sold by, my excitement was just as big as with every other more known brand. So yes, I went and spent some money because – why not!

A couple of things about the brand, before we kick of the actual review. Nabla is an Italian brand, not a huge one, but the variety of products is there. All of their products are cruelty free (like really cruelty free, they don’t test or commission the tests to be done by others and even more cool, they don’t sell to countries where testing on animals is mandatory!) and vegan. They offer a wide range of their staples as well as some limited edition collections, which we always like to see. But today, let’s talk about one of the classics – a bronzer.

You know I’m obsessed with bronzers. I collect them like the sun will disappear and bronzers will be my last hope of looking like a human being. But sadly, many bronzers look great in the packaging and then fall flat when I actually use them on my face – patchy, poor pigmentation, too orange, crumbly – you name it, it’s happened to me. After all, I am a veteran.

You won’t get anything like that with the Nabla bronzer. It might be small (3,5g pan), but a little goes quite a long way. I bought mine in a compact (since I still don’t own a Z palette, I know, I know...) and I am quite impressed with the packaging. It looks sleek and sophisticated, the mirror is just big enough for those emergency touch ups on the go and the magnetic system is very strong. 

Yes – all Nabla products are actually just placed into the compacts so you can easily get them out by tapping them on your hand. Also, when you want a refill, it will cost you much less.

Speaking of price, let’s do a quick recap. This particular bronzer cost 13,99€, but when I only want to get a pan (in this or any other color – or even a highlighter instead of a bronzer), it will cost about 10,50€. On their official website you can even buy a bundle and then get a magnetic palette which is a great concept.

The Cameo shade is described as a neutral medium brown and I will agree with the description. I would perhaps like to see it a bit more on the ashy side, but since I (obviously) already have a shade like that it’s not an issue. I’ve used this bronzer for regular bronzing of the face and for contouring and it worked great on both occasions.

I’ve also tried the Nabla bronzer with a couple of different brushes because not all brushes agree with all products. So far I can say that I haven’t found a brand of brushes that would cause any damage or pick up the product poorly.You will need a couple of swipes to get it right, but as I often say with make-up, I prefer to build it up instead of fearing I will apply too much the first time.

So to sum it up, I ain’t getting of my crazy horse regarding bronzers anytime soon. And this Nabla bronzer will be with me every step of the way.

Until next time, stay beautiful!

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  1. Uh, dobra si <3

    Koliko jih imaš, jaz pa samo 1-2 bronzerja haha!

    Me pa zanima Nablin highlighter, izgleda lep!