Wednesday, June 15, 2016


For some reason, I get the most excited about the summer and Christmas special edition make-up. I find that I’m much more willing to experiment in the summer – more color, more shimmer, more everything! 

This is why I’m on my toes waiting for the Essence The Beach house collection (*click* to find out more about it) to finally hit the stores, and while waiting for that one, I’m already looking forward to the new line called Summer fun. Essence says it includes bright colors, exciting cooling textures and must-haves for hair.

I’m always most drawn to the nail polishes. This edition includes four of them, all with a wet look effect. I wonder how pigmented these will be, especially white and pink polish, but to tell the truth I’m most excited about the turquoise polish named “Meet me at the pool”. These will retail for 1,79€.

A make-up product I’ve never seen before is a cooling eyeshadow. The concept intrigues me! I also wonder if they apply with a wand or a rollerball. These will retail for 1,99 €.

There are no lipsticks in this edition, but rather two lip pens – the lighter in a wet look finish and the darker in a matte finish. Both look quite sheer and bright, perfect to just throw in the purse and take to the beach. Added bonus: lip pens normally don’t melt as dramatically as lipsticks. Priced at 2,29 €.

I have good experience with Essence highlighters and blushes, so I’m excited about both of the following releases: a cream-to-powder highlighter and cream-to-powder blush (both 2,99€). 

Make-up sponges are all the rage right now, so Essence is jumping the bandwagon with package of mini sponges. These look promising for blending concealer and getting in the under-eye creases. They will retail for 2,99 € which is a bargain compared to what the Beauty Blender minis sell for.

Four products I will probably skip but look quite fun are the Summer Fun Cooling Body Spray (2,99 €), hairstyling set (2,49€), nail stickers (1,29€) and lash&hair mascara (2,29€). I might consider the latter, but I would definitely use it only on my lashes or only on my hair – switching seems a bit unhygienic, in my opinion.

This collection will hit the stores in July and be available until the end of August. 

And there is another good news from Essence: the palettes that were designed in collaboration with beauty bloggers were so popular that they are becoming a part of the standard range in August 2016. I’m so proud of these bloggers for making a true impact on the industry.

Until next time, stay beautiful!

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