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Slovenian online make-up shopping -

As promised, here is a recap of my second shopping experience in Slovenian online stores, specifically Just to remind you of the frame, these two packages were ordered on the same day 10 minutes apart. 

Generally is just as nice, but just a tiny bit more unorganized in my opinion. Also, I am not crazy about them not using proper Slovene language – in the end, it’s not an online community or social media, but a shop – if you want me to trust you with my money, please use normal language. 

One additional minus: the page is not very well optimized for tablets, which is my gadget of choice for most online shopping (done in secret without my hubby looking over the shoulder). So as said, also offered next day delivery. Here’s what I got: 

-        BH Cosmetics brush set (12pc in Berry)
-        Real Techniques Complexion Sponge
-        Uma Cosmetics Automatic Lipliner (Diva Red)
-        Uma Cosmetics Automatic Lipliner (Smooth Beige)
-        MakeUp Revolution pallete (Run Boy Run)
-        MakeUp Revolution liquid concealer (Fair)
Again, I will be including all the prices in €/$ in Slovenia/$ abroad in the description boxes. But first let’s take a look at the delivery. Fact: the package didn’t arrive on Saturday, but rather on Monday. When I told this to the customer department I was told that they were sorry but that Saturdays were the exception and sometimes the post doesn’t deliver large parcels on Saturdays. Well,, I’m sorry to inform you that it turned out your package was just as large as the one from and that theirs arrived and yours didn’t. Which means that they win, and you don’t. 
Also something that I was not too thrilled about is that they included a leaflet with a discount code, only valid for July. I ordered the products on 25th, they should have been delivered on 26th, but as a consequence of everything above I could only pick them up on the 28th (which I did not, I picked it up on the 1st of August). So I would have 3 days total to make another purchase with the offered discount., if you are reading this – I would suggest that you include a promo code for the next month for all purchases made in the last week of the month. Otherwise, I will sure as hell not be using it.

But where the definitely wins is in the packaging itself. The products were delivered (or rather picked up, to be exact) in the most BEAUTIFUL pink box with small lip prints all over it. Beautiful :) Also, the products inside were well protected, so no complaints there.
The total for all the purchases came to 35,75 €. I actually bought the BH brushes and the Revolution palette in a promotional offer, otherwise the brush set in this particular color would have cost 36 €! What’s funny though is that the exact same set in Pink or in Classic is offered for 60% off so the price tag stops at 20 €...  The Revolution palette would have cost 9 € on its own, but I wouldn’t have bought this, to be quite honest. I am happy to have it, though :) So to sum up, for this offer of brushes and palette I paid 22 € and if bought full price it would have cost 45 €. Cannot beat that offer! But if you look at the prices abroad, I would  have been absolutely livid if I paid 48 $ for the brushes that actually sell for $11 in USA store.

As I mentioned quite often already, I didn't get the desired Real Techniques brushes in the States, so I was desperate for some new brushes that wouldn't leave me looking like a shedding dog every day. When I saw this BH Cosmetics brush set,  I jumped to the chance. 

BH Cosmetics brush set (12pc in Berry) – 18,80 €/$24,80/$11 on

This set is absolutely beautiful. The brushes seem decent enough for the price and so far survived everything I put them through, including a thorough wash before the first usage. They come with a nifty little brush bag which is great for travel (also, I didn't include all of the brushes in the photo because some I don't use at all). If you're looking for a nice set I would recommend this. The only downside is that the individual brushes are not marked (numbers, names etc.), so it would be a bit difficult for a descriptive tutorial or a recommendation on which specific brush to get.

Since I bummed out of the brushes, the one thing I also really wanted to get was the complexion sponge. Supposedly the Real Techniques complexion sponge is a dupe for the Beautyblender (which I think costs around $20), I heard many Youtubers and Bloggers rave about this. And yes, it's being well loved, as you can probably tell by the photo. 

Real Techniques Complexion Sponge – 8,00 €/$10,50/$6 at Ulta
I normally use it wet which increases its size a bit, but I feel it doesn't soak up the product as I feared it would. It takes me much less time to apply my foundation with this as it does with a foundation brush, so I am really pleased with it. The pointy end is also super useful for blending in concealer on your spots or underneath your eyes, since it is really precise. 

I'm not so sure if I will even attempt a real wash with this one, for this price I can throw it away every couple of months and get a new one. 

I really thought it was about time I dive into the liplining world and I started with two of the most basic shades - red and beige for a nude lip. I must say I'm really impressed with both of these liners, especially for the price. 
Uma Cosmetics Automatic Lipliner (Diva Red above, Smooth Beige below) – 2,00 €/$2,60/ €2 at
Both liners apply and stay on really well. I don't see any need for sharpening them and I really like the fact that they are retractable - I feel I get more out of the product that way. I really like the Diva Red, but the Nude really is so nude that it's hard to see where you are applying it. Also, if you look at the photo, you will see the bar code stickers on top of the caps. I hate leaving things like this, but I know that if I remove them the cap will remain sticky no matter what I do with it. 

Since the bar code sticker isn't meant as a seal and only serves the purpose of informing me about the expiry date, I would have preferred the store to remove them for me. But that's just me. 

This I must admit the MakeUp Revolution Palette - Run Boy Run didn't really catch my eye when I was going through the palettes but as I explained it was part of the deal which let me get the brushes at a cheaper price. So I don't necessarily mind having it, especially for this price. 

MakeUp Revolution pallete (Run Boy Run) - 3,20 €/$4,20/ €7,40 at
I must admit this hasn't seen any proper usage yet so I'm taking it on vacation along with some other palettes I picked up in the last month. After doing my homework, I will post some swatches and give my honest opinion about this one. 

As far as first impressions go, I really like the colors of this palette since there is quite a variety of them and also some I don't have in any other palettes I own (I mean, just look at that shiny red over there). I also love the names of the shades - this red one is called "Break out from society", while some others are called "Head for the hills", "It's time to run", "Sun will be guiding you" etc. I don't know what we are running away FROM (maybe being low maintenance?), but we are running in style, baby. 

The last bit that I picked up was a MakeUp Revolution Concealer in Fair, but the photo got lost in the internet vortex somewhere. It was inexpensive, priced at 2€ on ($2,60/ 2€ on I love the consistency, it's not too liquid and stays on well. It is a bit bright for me at this moment since I am quite tan, but I am currently using it as a highlighter and it's been working great. Check it out here at

So to summarize, the experience of shopping with has been pleasant, the prices were reasonable and the quality of the products is all there. I will definitely be making a repeat purchase at their store, so well done there.

Your low maintenance beauty will be taking a short holiday this week, but don't worry, I already have something planned to entertain you in the meantime. Until next time, stay beautiful!

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